Cylinder with displacement measuring system

When it's the position that really matters

p>Our Series W stands for cylinders with analogue or digital position measuring system. Using integrated position sensors, W-cylinders monitor position, travel and speed with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimetre, even in harsh environmental conditions. These are available with a built-in absolute displacement measuring system and with integrated or external evaluation electronics.

These cylinders are supplied with built-in pressure-resistant proximity switches for fixed end position monitoring. Integrated load-holding valves and pre-assembled pipe rupture safety devices are also part of our extensive product range.

Of course, we also offer you the appropriate measuring instruments and the necessary peripherals for the targeted use of your cylinder, with a displacement measuring system.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Robust and durable position and displacement measurement
  • Reliable and easy to service
  • Perfectly technically coordinated system
  • Outputs: Analogue / SSI / CANbus / Profibus-DP / EtherCAT
  • May be used in the most adverse environmental conditions thanks to its integrated position sensors
  • Monitoring of position, distance and speed to 1/100 millimetres
  • Inc. built-in pressure-resistant proximity switch for fixed end position monitoring, integrated load safety valves and pre-mounted pipe-break protection
  • Corresponding measuring devices and the necessary peripherals for targeted usage