We, as NZ Hydraulikzylinder are specialists here ...

EVERYONE in their field of work strives to bring their knowledge / skills to the company at a high level, to acquire a high level of qualification and to keep developing.


We, as NZ Hydraulikzylinder, set standards in technologies through four lines of vision:

  • Development
  • Optimisation
  • Standardisation
  • Continuous improvement


We, as NZ Hydraulikzylinder live leadership, because ...

Leadership creates value from appreciation

That's why we at Leader try every day to let everyone/ in the company feel our appreciation and recognition, to meet the needs of the company and the people in the company and to allow new ways.


  • Timber industry & energy technology
  • Plastics machines
  • Construction & utility vehicles
  • To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.

  • Transport
  • Work platforms
  • Mining
  • Engineering & environmental technology

Company timeline

The longer the time of experience, the wider the circles of success.

Foundation of the company as Reiter GesbR. with first milling and turning lathes, surface-grinding machine
Relocation from Aichdorf to Kleinlobming; Change of company form to KG.
Plant extension: Expansion of the factory premises by 100%
Expansion of machinery and production capacity
First project for Neuson Hydraulik GmbH
Mr. Neunteufel, Neuson Hydraulik GmbH, joins Reiter KG.
Expansion of the factory premises, doubling of the number of employees
Takeover of Reiter KG by Neuson Hydraulik GmbH
Expansion of cylinder production plant in Styria with an investment volume of € 7.3 million
Merger of the four successful companies Neuson Hydraulik GmbH, Neuson Ölfeldschieber GmbH, Reiter GmbH and MPT GmbH to form Neuson Hydrotec GmbH with 220 employees.
Expansion of long-stroke cylinder assembly / Introduction of a central ERP system
Introduction of PLM software as interface between NX Unigraphics and SAP
Market entry of Neuson Light Line Hydraulic
Market entry of Design Cylinder
Due to the high customer satisfaction and the resulting corporate success of Neuson Hydrotec GmbH in the field of hydraulic cylinders, this core competence was split off and a new company NH Hydraulikzylinder GmbH was founded. Since 01.02.2019, the Neuson Hydrotec GmbH cylinder team and the modern CNC cylinder plant in Styria at the Kleinlobming location have been available to you as NH Hydraulikzylinder for short-stroke cylinder and long-stroke cylinder with the usual level of quality.


Quality policy

Together with our partners, the high quality requirements are implemented considering economic and legal aspects.

Defined processes with clear responsibility regulations guarantee the best possible quality. Competent and qualified employees are the focus of the continuous improvement of our products and services.

We undertake to comply with all relevant laws, regulations, internal and external guidelines of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Quality standards

We are pleased to offer special tests for your hydraulic cylinders and components:

100% cylinder testing is carried out as standard. We can test cylinder quality up to 800 bar with five cylinder test benches, some of which are fully automated. Test reports can also be provided on request.

Salt spray test system can be used for long-term corrosion tests on customer request. Needed at NZ Hydraulikzylinder as standard for supply to the automotive industry, as well as for piston rods and cylinder corrosion tests in the maritime sector.

If required, non-destructive material testing or scanning of a component contour using an ACCURA II coordinate measuring machine with a measuring accuracy of 1.9 µm can also be offered.


As your productivity ultimately counts

NZ Hydraulikzylinder offers you technical solutions specifically for your area of application – especially for customer-specific short-stroke and long-stroke cylinders*. We can always guarantee an attractive price-performance ratio thanks to our modern high-tech CNC machinery; this is also reflected in our annual output of around 40,000 cylinders

The benefits are clear:

  • Fully-automated storage system with cantilever-arm heavy-duty shelving
  • High degree of CNC production and high-quality manufacturing technologies
  • Ergonomically-designed assembly lines for complex cylinder requirements
  • New automatic joining equipment guarantees economical assembly of long piston rods with cylinder tubes
  • Three fully automatic welding robot systems with welding inspection book according to ÖNORM M7812
  • Excellent international quality standards and a quality management system in accordance with Austrian standard ÖNORM ISO 9001:2015
  • Computer-assisted batch-tracing systems

NZ Hydraulikzylinder

Focused technology from Austria

Here is a brief insight into the modern CNC cylinder plant in Styria at the Kleinlobming location