NZ Hydraulikzylinder - Hydraulic cylinder from Austria

As an innovative quality supplier of hydraulic cylinders from Austria, NZ Hydraulikzylinder is one of the leading developers of customer-specific individual solutions, from the design stages through to series production.

Due to the high customer satisfaction and the resulting corporate success of Neuson Hydrotec GmbH in the field of hydraulic cylinders, this core competence was split off and a new company NH Hydraulikzylinder GmbH was founded. Since 01.02.2019, the Neuson Hydrotec GmbH cylinder team and the modern CNC cylinder plant in Styria at the Kleinlobming location have been available to you as NH Hydraulikzylinder for short-stroke cylinder and long-stroke cylinder with the usual level of quality.

In order to be able to ensure an independent market presence of the company, NH Hydraulic Cylinder GmbH was renamed to NZ Hydraulic Cylinder GmbH on September 4, 2020. The usual contact persons are still available to offer advice and assistance in the implementation of future customer projects.


NZ Production

The experience is in the detail


Perfectly matched to the application


As standards are the basis

We stand out through individuality

NZ Hydraulikzylinder GmbH offers you customised products which are perfectly adapted to your application. We can meet the specific requirements of your application, positioning accuracy, corrosion resistance, pressure peaks, required weight reduction, critical shear forces or adverse environmental conditions.

  • Ø Pistons 32mm bis 700mm
  • Ø Piston rod18mm bis 600mm
  • Stroke bis 7.000mm
  • Pressures bis 530 bar

Dynamics realised customer-specifically with:

  • End position damping
  • Valve technology
  • Bubble memory
  • Position measuring system
  • Servo-proportional solution
  • Lightweight technology
  • Colour/Shape Design

NZ Hydraulikzylinder impresses with focused technology from Austria.

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